2018 Summer Alive starts Monday June 11th runs Monday-Thursday 9am-12:15

New for 2018


sewing lessons

Sprouts story hour (PreK-2 nd grade)


See schedule below or on the calendar pop up on this page.
Daily arts & crafts for all ages
    Every Monday- Crafts
    Every Tuesday -Tacos for lunch, BINGO
    Every Wednesday- Ice Cream, Sewing Lessons
    Every Thursday- Theatre crafts, Pop Up Play


The 2018 Summer Alive music program is a free lesson series. There will be different music lesson each day in Montgomery Park. As lessons progress students will be encouraged to work together. 
Monday is ukulele, Tuesday is guitar, Wednesday is keyboard, Thursday is bass guitar.
Children must pre- register for lessons and demonstrate the ability to make beginner chord positions. 

If you have any questions about music lessons call Tickle Music 570-547-6007


2015 a Community Garden was added to the Montgomery Park as part of the Summer Alive Program.
Four raised beds were built by volunteers, and  organic soil was donated by Becky Sangledolce (Revitalize Montgomery, Riverside Campground). The children planted vegetables, herbs and flowers, donated by Lu Ann Potter and Tina Tickle. The children made scarecrows and placed them in the garden. Scarecrow items were donated by Nay Nays Thrift Store in Muncy, and Fry Brothers Farm in Muncy. The garden was mowed by employees of Riverside Campground.
In early 2016, Summer Alive received online garden donations of $400 in 24 hours, which was matched by a Seedbank grant for $445, for a total of $995 to add an additional 8 raised beds in Spring of 2016. 
New prospective projects for 2018
Movable lightweight tool shed

Small portable greenhouse

Children are introduced to home gardening, learning about composting, local farm products, planting and managing gardens and gaining hands on experience in our raised bed gardens.

Nutritious Food

Feeding children a hot nutritious lunch is the most important part of our program. New for 2016 the program will start in the morning and offer children nutritious breakfast snacks like yogurt, fresh fruit and they will make home made granola!
Luch includes fresh local produce like strawberry shortcake, buttered corn on the cob and fresh string beans. Every Tuesday is taco bar! Children eat as much as they want and get milk. All plates are paper and get composted. The dyed napkins are washed and reused daily. Water is available in big ice filled pitcher and paper cups. Children are encouraged to bring their own water bottles, but cheap plastic water in bottles ( the ones that are noisy when squeezed)  are discouraged and almost prohibited, due to to the pollutants the container leaches.
New for 2016 - Ice Cream or milkshakes every Wednesday! Estimated budget $85


New for 2016 Summer Alive is Pop Up Adventure Fun! Children will build forts and houses out of recycled boxes and sheets!
This is a super creative activity for children, and donations needed are things you may have around your house!
Donations needed are large cardboard boxes, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, plastic containers, duct tape and water based paint and brushes. We are also asking for any art or craft supplies you may have around! Big buttons, string, crayons, water based markers, glue, glue sticks, paper clips and yarn. Estimated budget $125
Also needed - 2 Large clean carpets. Estimated cost $100