Our Story

We share a concern for the children of our community and we hope to work together to build up our community by providing summer opportunities for children in Montgomery.  Some are working with us because of a passion for education.  Some believe outdoor activities are the best thing for children. Some want to see children are receiving necessary nutrition and learning about healthy eating.  Some want to promote safety.  All of us are working together to enrich and enhance the life experience of our children.

Today, motivated by an interest to revitalize our community, many groups and individuals are willing to provide support to re-establish a sustainable community summer recreation program.  Summer Alive 2015 received support and contributions from the Montgomery Borough Office, Riverside Campground  (Becky Sangradolce), MASD  Superintendent’s Office (Daphne Bowers), American Legion  (Also Sons And Daughters Of Al, Also Women Of Al), Xi Delta Sorority (SilMancini), Thrivent , the Pa Department Of Education, Lycoming County Master Gardeners (Linda Betts), The Luminary (Barbara Barrett), Red Raiders Foundation (Roberta Speck), OIP, Nay’s Thrift Store, Muncy Library (Books For Children), Fry Brothers Farm, Mary Frantz, Revitalize Montgomery, St John Lutheran Church, United Methodist Church, Tickle Music, The Leo Club - an affiliate of the Lions Club, and the Montgomery Public Library.

There was a time when many communities had summer recreation programs.  There was state funding available that made this possible, and with the hard work of dedicated community members, these summer programs touched the lives of many children.   These programs disappeared in communities as funding was taken away.  Today, with your help we can bring back this important summer learning and growing experience for the children of our community.  Join us!


A community owned summer program for children that will build a positive image of our community and build personal commitments to community within today’s and tomorrow’s generations.