PLEASE COME GIVE US YOUR IDEAS! COMMUNITY SUPPORT IS CRUCIAL TO SUSTAIN THIS WONDERFUL NEW THING IN MONTGOMERY! We need volunteers, even if just for a day. Share your craft skills, help cook food, or just come spend time with the children In the Community Garden we put in the big park! Please like our Facebook page, Summer Alive! Without community support we have nothing folks, they force of a few people working together is greater than our individual efforts combined! If you see the faces of these children and see how hungry they are when they arrive, you will understand the need for this program to continue! We are looking for special guests to share the meal too! Contact Lu Ann Potter or Tina Tickle to volunteer your time or ideas!
Lu Ann Potter 570-546-7769
Tickle Music 570-547-6007
ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST HAVE PA. CHILD ABUSE CLEARANCES AND PA STAE POLICE CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS. These clearances are free for volunteers. You can fill the forms out yourself online, or come to a volunteer workshop and we will help you fill out the online forms. When filling out this form online you will be asked to create a user ID and temporary password will be emailed to you. Get the email and use the temp password to continue on the web form and create your own password. Once created, write it down, you will need it on the next page to continue. (This is where people get hung up, they don't understand why it ask for the password and user ID twice in a row, that's just how it works.) Be sure to indicate the reason for applying is Volunteer and organization is Summer Alive. This clearance should be emailed to you within 3 days if you have no child abuse history.
Also, be sure to click on the "volunteer" type of clearance so you are not charged a fee.
Use the top gray globe below to take you to to the first page of the  Child Abuse Clearance application.

The criminal background check is pretty easy to fill out online. If you have no criminal background the clearance will be emailed to you within an hour. If you do have a criminal record, the site will not tell you what the violations are, it will say a detailed report will be mailed t you. This can take up to 6 weeks to arrange ce, so if there is anything criminal in your history, apply early enough that your information arrives prior to any dates you plan on volunteering. All clearances and criminal background information must be submitted to LuAnn Potter before you can volunteer. Anyone over the age of 18 must have both clearances.
Heres the link to the Pa. state police. Remember to use the VOLUNTEER form so you are not charged. 
Use the second gray globe below to take you to the Criminal background application page.

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